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REGENT announces strategic investment from Lockheed Martin Ventures

REGENT, manufacturer of electric seagliders, has received a strategic investment from Lockheed Martin Ventures, the venture arm of Lockheed Martin, a defence and aerospace technology, to expedite the development of seagliders for defence missions.

REGENT seagliders are a new category of maritime vehicle says the company that “combine the high speed of an airplane with the low operating cost of a boat. These all-electric, zero-emission vessels operate exclusively over water and leverage existing dock infrastructure to carry people and goods up to 180 miles, at 180 miles per hour between coastal destinations.”

According to the press release “Seagliders fulfil a recognised need within the U.S. Department of Defence for high-speed, low-cost, low-signature, runway independent mobility in the littorals. With capabilities for carrying passenger, cargo, or hybrid payloads, REGENT seagliders are uniquely suited for a variety of civilian and defence applications in maritime environments including logistics resupply, cargo transport, and search and rescue.

“REGENT has sold over 400 seagliders to date, to global aviation and ferry customers including Mokulele Airlines, Southern Airways Express, FRS (Germany), and Ocean Flyer (New Zealand). With more than USD7.9 billion in orders from commercial operating partners around the world, REGENT aims for its 12-passenger seaglider, Viceroy, to enter service by mid-decade.”

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(Image: REGENT)

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