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VI&E Solutions partners with Skyrisks for vertiport and AAM insurance

Volatus Infrastructure & Energy (VI&E) Solutions has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the global insurer Skyrisks for advanced air mobility (AAM) insurance. VI&E Solutions says it will collaborate with Skyrisks to assess and measure key parameters for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vertiport insurability. The company says they will also evaluate the drivers of insurance costs and investigate how to manage risks during design, construction and operation phases.

“Insurance is essential to launching AAM operations and we are pleased to partner with forward-thinking leaders like Skyrisks,” said Dan Sloat, VI&E Solutions CEO. “Science fiction ‘flying cars’ have captured the imagination of billions of people and now that the technology is feasible, it’s time to solidify the real world, practical elements like comprehensive insurance policies that we need in place to turn this dream into reality.”

“Skyrisks is a global provider of aircraft insurance and risk management solutions for the fast-growing Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector” according to a press release. “Their AAM insurance expertise and data-driven approach enable them to develop insurance products as innovative as their clients’ businesses. Skyrisks is passionate about insuring the safe, quick, affordable and environmentally sustainable movement of people and goods.”

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(Image: Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions)

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