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Ameriflight signs intent to purchase agreement with Sabrewing Aircraft for 35 VTOL air cargo drones

Ameriflight, the cargo airline, says it has signed a letter of intent to purchase 35 VTOL air cargo drones from Sabrewing Aircraft Company, a U.S. corporation designing and producing a regional cargo UAV with vertical landing and takeoff (VTOL) capabilities. The agreement the company says is for the Rhaegal-A aircraft, also known as “Alpha” and it expects to take delivery following type certification of the aircraft.

According to the press release “The Sabrewing partnership and Rhaegal-A purchase will enable Ameriflight to enter into new business opportunities in distribution centre logistics.

“Sabrewing’s Rhaegal-A aircraft achieved its first hover flight in September 2022 while lifting a payload of 829 pounds. The company is in the process of initiating the aircraft’s production line, with first deliveries expected to take place in the first quarter of 2024.

“This marks Ameriflight’s second agreement to purchase autonomous aircraft after having signed with Natilus just last month on the purchase of its Kona aircraft, a 3.8-ton payload, short-haul feeder uncrewed aerial vehicle. Ameriflight intends to use both fleet types in tandem with their current operation.”

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(Image: Sabrewing)

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