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Brazil’s Helisul Aviation to purchase 50 Moya eVTOL cargo drones

Brazilian helicopter operator Helisul has announced it will buy 50 Moya eVTOL autonomous cargo drones. The all-electric drones have a payload capacity of 200kg and a range of 110km and the prototype is due to fly before the end of 2023.

Humberto Biesuz, Helisul’s executive superintendent, said: “We believe the Moya eVTOL will revolutionize freight transportation with greater agility and productivity. Moya’s high load capacity and flight range are perfect for this type of mission. Not to mention that it is a clean flight, with zero carbon emissions.”

Alexandre Zaramela, CEO of Moya Aero said: “We designed the Moya eVTOL to meet a wide spectrum of logistics and agriculture uses. We aim to offer efficient cargo transportation with better economics and sustainable operation. It is the first vehicle developed in Latin America and a new means of logistics transportation.”

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