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Dufour Aerospace releases final Aero2 design and specifications for tilt-wing drone

Dufour Aerospace, the Swiss eVTOL company, has released the final design and design specifications for its Aero2 drone. The company describes the Aero2 as an uncrewed, aerial vehicle with a hybrid-electric propulsion system and a tilt-wing design which is the precursor to the Aero3, a larger tilt-wing aircraft which could support options for uncrewed or crewed operations.

Simon Bendrey, Head of Design at Dufour Aerospace said: “Aero2 is able to transport 40 kg (88 lbs) over a distance of 400 km (215 NM).”

‍According to a press release “Dufour is partnering with Suter Industries to create its hybrid-electric propulsion system. That system is being tested now, and will be integrated into the final pre-production prototype. All crucial systems will be integrated into this version, including automated flight functionalities.”

In May, the company announced it had been selected for a grant of CHF2.5M (USD$2.8M) from Innosuisse, the innovation agency of the Swiss Confederation. In January, the company closed a Series B financing round led by Vista Global. In late 2022, Dufour announced the drone purchase by Spright in the U.S., the drone division of Air Methods, of 40 Aero2 with options for an additional 100 units.

Dufour Aerospace reports it is now ordering materials required to build X2.3 and flight testing is expected to start early in 2024. The start of series production of Aero2 is planned for 2025.

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(Image: Dufour Aeospace)

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