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Orbital Corp and Animal Dynamics explore use of heavy fuel in advanced propulsion system for UAS

Orbital Corporation (Orbital UAV), a designer and manufacturer of integrated propulsion systems, and Animal Dynamics, an uncrewed aerial logistics company have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that “will explore initial concepts for heavy fuel engine systems applicable to Stork-STM, a heavy lift uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) being developed by Animal Dynamics.

The press release says “Stork STM is an autonomous, heavy lift parafoil built from first engineering principles. It is a new autonomy solution designed to carry heavy cargo weighing 135kg up to 400km (the distance between London and Amsterdam). Operational beyond visual line of sight and able to take off and land across short distances on unprepared ground, it is ideally suited for military resupply, humanitarian aid and emergency response missions.

“Orbital UAV’s engine performance and ability to operate in extreme temperatures, from -30°C up to 49°C, will play a crucial role in the strategic deployment of Stork-STM, which is designed to work in the harshest and most austere environments.”

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(Image: Animal Dynamics)


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