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Skyports working with Pyka to integrate 400lb payload Pelican cargo drone into its fleet

Skyports has announced via a Linkedin post that the company is working with Pyka  to add the Pelican Cargo to the Skyports Drone Services fleet. “Over the next eight weeks our flight operations team will complete a series of extensive tests to validate Pelican Cargo ahead of real-life operations,” said the post,

According to the Pyka website, the “Pelican Cargo’s fully autonomous flight engine can be programmed by a single on-ground pilot, with dynamic rerouting via satellite link…. Each Pelican is equipped with a multiply redundant power system, including four 25kW electric motors and triple redundant batteries to provide a high level of safety and eliminate single points of failure.” The all electric aircraft has a 400 lb max payload and 66 cubic feet of cargo volume.

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