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UAE company Edge features 500kg payload autonomous freighter Air Truck at IDEX 2023

United Arab Emirates company Edge is featuring its Air Truck logistical UAS at the IDEX 2023 show in Abu Dhabi.

According to the company: the “Air Truck is a powerful logistics UAV with a 500kg payload capacity that can operate via pre-programmed mission or live operator, making it ideal for higher-risk or more dangerous missions. Suitable for military, security and civilian deployment, cargo is transported via a custom-designed Air Box that ensures rapid cargo loading and unloading.

“With a a maximum range of 360km at a cruising speed of 120 km/h, Air Truck is designed for strategic logistics support such as supplying troops in remote locations, medical evacuation, and reconnaissance.”

Also on display from Edge is the QX6-50, developed for logistics purposes for military and civilian applications. “Capable of carrying a 50kg payload for up to 200km, the rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle can operate autonomously and is highly modular with other QX variants for ease of maintenance.”

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