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AiRMOUR releases report on “Assessment and effective mitigation of perceived UAM risks and safety levels”

AiRMOUR, a European project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and which aims to “Open up the skies for medical emergency drones”, has published a report addressing how to respond to perceived risk by consumers which it describes as a “multidimensional variable in user capability to adopt technologies.”

“The definition of perceived risk in the context of the present AiRMOUR concept includes that of uncertainty about what UAM operations may provide in service and if this pays for the costs of operational implications” according to the press release.

“The report deals with developing an understanding and means of how perceived risks can be assessed and even changed concerning its discrepancy to objective risk. The results shall be used to develop concepts on how to mitigate the perceived risks and thus increase the subjective perception of safety of the population affected by UAM services.

“The work package focuses on those risks that the population is exposed by the operations of UAM:

  • performance risk
  • privacy risk
  • social risk, and
  • physical safety risk.

“The objectives of the report are fourfold and described as follows:

  1. Identifying means to decrease the discrepancy between actual and perceived risks and safety levels. This objective focus on the concerns and the related reasons.
  2. Selection of an appropriate risk perception mitigation strategy that can be tested in citizen focus groups organized at AiRMOUR sites. This includes the implementation of a risk mitigation, the data collection and the analysis.
  3. The analysis shall reveal about how participants react to the different introductions and encounters with EMS UAM services.
  4. Finally, it is objective to develop more effective perceived risk and safety mitigation strategies and approaches.”

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Read the report here.

(image: AiRMOUR)

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