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Is the world ready for eVTOL and large-scale drone operations? AAMI polls its global representatives

Following the recent inaugural meetings of its board of liaisons, representing 30 countries, the Advanced Air Mobility Institute (AAMI) has published its Global Advanced Air Mobility Forum Summary Report which has recorded the results of  a poll question: ‘How do people in your country feel about AAM technology?’

The response was:

  • 50% of liaisons believe their country leans optimistic
  • 40% find their fellow citizens are neutral/unaware
  • 10% are cautious, distrustful toward AAM technology

“Public sentiment towards Advanced Air Mobility is cautiously optimistic and generally positive, with excitement about its potential transformative impact,” according the executive summary. “Speakers seemed to be influenced by the less publicized but persistent work towards integrating this technology into practical applications beyond the spotlight. However, concerns about regulatory complexities, feasibility of widespread adoption, infrastructure challenges, safety, noise pollution, and the impact on the environment need to be addressed thoroughly. Challenges in public acceptance and network development are prevalent.”

According to the Institute:

“The Forum brought together aviation experts from around the world to discuss the future of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) as a global community in pursuit of educating and advocating for the broadest public benefit. The AAM Institute Board of Liaisons is comprised of industry professionals from the following countries:

  • Asia-Pacific: Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, India, China, Jordan
  • MENA/Africa: United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Europe: Turkey, Sweden, Finland, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria
  • Americas: Brazil, Canada, Peru, Colombia, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina

The Institute’s Chief of Staff, Abidemi Ashiru, emphasized the importance of global representation, stating, “Our Board of Liaisons represents 38 countries so far and we will continue to grow to 200 members.  If you are reading this and your country is not represented, I encourage you to please consider stepping forward so that your country can have a proper voice at the next forum in July 2024.”

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