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VI&E Solutions announces new product to use recycled batteries

Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions has partnered with ScoutIt to utilise electric vehicle (EV) batteries that can no longer be used in vehicles but still have life left in them. VI&E Solutions will recycle the EV batteries by installing them in their new “battery wall” product line that will create an off-grid charging solution.

“Partnering with VI&E Solutions is a key step to ensure that eVTOL manufacturers, and the whole industry in general, have a clear strategy on how to handle batteries and what to do with them once they’re exhausted and can’t propel the aircraft. There’s so much potential in eVTOL batteries and we will help all the players create sustainable solutions and ensure a true eVTOL battery circular economy,” said Davide Giacobbe, Scoutit Founder and CEO.

“Our mission at ScoutIt is to enable a true circular battery economy. No battery should be prematurely recycled or incorrectly disposed of. We empower each company with the tools to achieve exactly this: correctly manage and potentially profit from End-of-Life batteries and comply with disposal regulations. We do so by helping them efficiently track and manage EOL batteries and evaluate disposal alternatives and procedures.”

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(Image: VI&E)

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