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Research: Balance of 11% online shoppers more than less likely to support drone delivery

by Michael Willoughby

Some 36% of online shoppers say they are more likely to order if they will get their item via drone. One-quarter (25%) say they are less likely to order, according to research from market insight firm, Clutch.

The company surveyed 528 online shoppers to understand their opinions on drone delivery.

Further findings from the survey indicated that:

  • The largest percentage of online shoppers (39%) say drone delivery won’t impact their purchasing decisions, but 25% say they would be less likely to order a package if they knew a drone was going to deliver it.
  • Exactly half of online shoppers (50%) are uncertain of their opinion on drone delivery, while nearly one-third (31%) are excited about the potential of delivery drones.
  • When asked about the benefits of drone delivery, online shoppers believe it may be faster (33%) and cheaper (21%) than other shipping methods. Drone delivery could improve delivery time and cost but only in certain weather conditions or if companies properly scale their drone delivery programs.
  • Online shoppers are worried about their packages getting damaged during delivery (20%) or the drone getting stolen or hacked (19%). Companies will need to conduct extensive testing to minimize these risks as they roll out drone delivery.

“Drone delivery is an unknown concept to many online shoppers. Most online shoppers are unsure how they feel about drone delivery and are neither more nor less likely to purchase an item if a drone will deliver it,” the report said.

Nearly one-third of online shoppers (31%) are excited about drone delivery, though. Specifically, consumers are excited about the potential shorter delivery times and cost savings they think drone delivery offers.

Nearly 1 in 5 (19%) online shoppers, however, are anxious about drone delivery. They worry about drones damaging packages during delivery or getting stolen or hacked.

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