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Drones released over Funen, Denmark for BVLOS trials

According to Sydansk Universitet, the Danish ‘HealthDrone’ (HD) enterprise has received authorisation for the first routine ‘Beyond Visual Line of Sight’ (BVLOS) and test flights have already begun.

The HD project’s aim is to develop and test unmanned craft that are capable of transporting blood and medicine between Aeroe, Svendborg and Odense in Denmark. This development goes a long way to help establish drones as beneficial assets to the healthcare sector and society in general.

Ronni Winkler Ostergaard, Director of Unifly Nordic, which has supplied the trial’s ‘Unmanned Traffic Management’ (UTM) system explained, “Since the health drones will be sharing the airspace with other flying objects, safety is the number one priority.

“Our UTM system ensures that they are correctly integrated into the airspace so that they follow Danish and European legislation and meet all demands in terms of safety.”

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