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Australia’s Victorian Government published final version of its AAM action plan

Australia’s Victora Government has published the final version of the Victorian Advanced Air Mobility Action Plan which covers both drones and eVTOL operations.

The Final AAM Action Plan was released on 11 July 2024 and outlines a range of proposed actions and associated timings that will support Victoria’s transition to AAM and zero-emissions aviation.

“These sustained and incremental actions will help create market pathways to support commercialisation of operations, attract investment and capitalise on the transformational opportunities in the clean energy economy,” according to the plan. “A Consultation Summary was also prepared to summarise the feedback received by community and industry following consultation on the draft AAM Action Plan in late 2023.”

Key actions in the plan include:


Transport Network Integration and Land Use Planning

Develop and publish guidance material to support the assessment of drone delivery/ operational sites under existing Victorian regulations, outlining the respective roles  and responsibilities of local, state and Commonwealth agencies  (Department of Transport and Planning)

Develop and publish initial guidance material to support assessment of early vertiport applications under existing Victorian regulatory framework (Department of Transport and Planning)

Industry Development

Consider opportunities for AAM and zero‑emission aviation sector through the implementation of the Made In Victoria 2030: Manufacturing Statement (Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions)

Explore research opportunities to quantify AAM and zero‑emission aviation market opportunities for passengers and freight (Invest Victoria)

Explore opportunities to promote Victorian industrial capability and tertiary education expertise to foster partnerships and collaboration (Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions)

Consult with industry and stakeholders regarding skills and capability required  to support AAM within Victoria’s aerospace sector (Victorian Skills Authority)

Resilience and Preparedness

Review existing procurement frameworks and operational capability needs to explore opportunities to include AAM and zero emission aviation technologies in future procurement activities (Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, emergency services agencies)

Develop processes for incorporating data from the deployment of emerging aviation technologies into emergency management operational decision‑making processes (Emergency service agencies)


Transport Network Integration and Land Use Planning

Review and update (as required) specific land use and development regulation to support a coordinated approach to vertiport planning infrastructure (Department of Transport and Planning) =

Explore opportunities to embed AAM and zero‑emission aviation technology in future Victorian transport, precinct development and freight related policy, strategy and frameworks (Department of Transport and Planning)

Industry Development

Utilising industry and stakeholder feedback, explore opportunities for training options required in the AAM and zero‑emission aviation ecosystem (Victorian Skills Authority) Resilience and Preparedness

Review emergency services future capability and innovation strategies for opportunities to utilise emerging aviation technologies. (Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, Emergency services agencies)

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