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Bavaria issues project and funding proposal applications for AAM/green aviation projects

The German state of Bavaria has announced a call for project proposals and funding applications in support of “research and development of new, civil, airborne transport systems in urban and regional traffic for goods and passenger transport”.

Below is the text of the call for applications:

“The funding focuses on the following goals of the Federal Government’s LuFo VI:

“Green Aviation”

“The future viability of aviation depends to a large extent on its environmental compatibility and resource conservation. That is why innovative technologies are needed to reduce noise and pollutant emissions (decarbonization) and to increase energy efficiency. The environmental impact must be evaluated over the entire product life cycle according to the principle of life cycle assessment. Noise, emissions and resource consumption – also during the manufacturing, maintenance and disposal processes – are therefore included in the consideration in order to come closer to the goal of an emission-neutral aviation system. The environmental protection goals formulated in the European strategy document “Flightpath 2050” are used as a basis for guidelines for an environmentally friendly aviation system, including a reduction in CO2 emissions by 75%,

“Safe and passenger-friendly aviation”

“The safety and health of passengers, crew and third parties is a crucial factor in aviation and no compromises can be made. The already high level of safety in aviation must be further secured and improved by taking a holistic view of the air transport system with all relevant components and participants. In particular, the safe and efficient integration of unmanned aircraft into the air transport system must be accomplished. The further development of efficient approval procedures makes a decisive contribution to this. In this regard, EASA has published its Agency Research Agenda as a strategy document. At the same time, passengers have particularly high demands on the reliability and comfort of tomorrow’s aviation.

Overall system capability”

“Overall system capability is a key factor for the long-term preservation of the German aviation industry. In principle, it is important that independent research and development skills are available for the interdisciplinary understanding and design capability of aircraft and their components at the overall system level. Depending on the project, different characteristics of the overall system capability can be distinguished. These include the design, manufacture, repair and understanding of complete aircraft, propulsion and subsystems. Furthermore, the ability to determine essential specifications, interfaces and design parameters and to understand the (technical and cost-related) interactions between individual systems and the entire aircraft is of essential importance. Trends in aircraft construction, such as (more) electric aircraft and the integration of the systems into the overall system, must be taken into account. These four funding policy goals lead to a sustainable strengthening and expansion of the core competencies that already exist in the German aviation industry. This should make it possible to increase the value-added shares of the German aviation industry in current and future programs.

The funding measure focuses on the LuFo specialist disciplines “High-performance, safe and energy-efficient systems” , “Quiet and efficient drives”, “Structures and construction methods”  and  “Safe, efficient and environmentally friendly aviation processes, flight management and air traffic control” .

The application process has two stages . First, a project proposal must be submitted in a sketch process. If the submitted project proposal is shortlisted, you will be asked to submit a complete application.

The deadline for submitting sketches is May 16, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

All submitted sketches will be evaluated in a peer review process. The applicants of all outlines will be informed individually about the eligibility of their submitted project proposal and, if necessary, asked to submit a full application.

Applications must be submitted by August 16, 2023  .

The specifications specified in the  “Instructions for creating sketches” must be observed and the documents specified there must be attached.

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