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Dutch companies form consortium to advance urban air mobility concepts

Leading industrial parties in the Netherlands announced the launch of the Dutch Drone Delta consortium during the Amsterdam Drone Week.

According to a consortium press release:

“The Dutch Drone Delta focuses on creating opportunities for the Netherlands in the field of future passenger and freight transport through the air with drones (Urban Air Mobility). The consortium will work on the essential requirements for the successful integration of drones and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in Dutch society, including social embracement and safe integration into the airspace. By using drones for medical deliveries, surveillance and inspections of ports and ultimately the transport of cargo and people by air the socially added value will be shown to the general public.

“The foundation of the cooperation is aimed at the safe integration of drones and UAM in a socially sustainable and economically feasible way. According to the partners, the Netherlands is well positioned to play a leading role, with a rich history in aviation, an innovative nature and the will to work together.

Dutch Drone Delta will start working on the following five tracks from January 1, 2020.

Track 1: Social embracement of drones and UAM

Track 2: Autonomous long-distance flights

Track 3: Safe integration of manned and unmanned traffic

Track 4: Delivery by drones

Track 5: Transport of cargo and people between and within cities

“The coalition consists of partners who will not only provide a financial contribution, but have the required knowledge, skills, experience and capacity to realise the future of Urban Air Mobility. The partners are KLM, Air Traffic Control The Netherlands (LVNL), Royal Schiphol Group, Port of Rotterdam, KPN, a.s.r. insurance, RAI, Connekt, Antea Group, Space53, Royal NLR, AirHub and Department of Waterways and Public Works.”

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