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Japan to conduct the first manned flying car test in 2024

Global Sky Media reports that Japan “will implement a flying car manned flight in Tokyo in 2024, which will be the first manned flight in outdoor public space in Japan.”

The media channel goes onto say “Tokyo’s Metropolitan Government selected Mitsubishi Estate to oversee the flying car project.

“Mitsubishi Estate will set up landing sites on the rooftops of its high-rise buildings and parking lots in suburban areas for the flights.

“In addition to Mitsubishi Estate, the “flying car” project will also involve Japan Airlines and Kanematsu, which has been cooperating with Skyports, a British start-up company that develops and operates eVTOL landing sites.

“According to Mitsubishi Estates, it will actively look for suitable takeoff and landing sites during 2022, following which it will help design demonstration routes.

“In 2023 test flights between the landing sites will be undertaken with helicopters.”

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(Image: Global Sky Media)

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