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Liangxi Science and Technology City, Wuxi, China to build AAM production and operation centre

The www.wxrb.com news site (and google translate) reports that advanced air mobility services and manufacturing sites will be an integral part of the new Liangxi Science and Technology City complex, planned for the city of Wuxi, near Shanghai in eastern China.

“Focusing on the industrial ecosystems such as low-altitude economy, artificial intelligence, and space information, a number of application demonstration scenarios will be created in the core area in the future to promote the cultivation of innovation chains and industrial chain growth,” said the news report.

“Not long ago, the province’s first eVTOL low-altitude route completed a flight demonstration at Taihu Square. According to relevant sources, in the future, this aircraft independently developed by EHang Intelligent will rely on the resource endowment of the canal running through the city to carry out customized cultural and tourism services, and with its advantages of rapid response, unmanned driving, and efficient operation, it will bring various services such as city sightseeing and air transportation to Xicheng citizens.

“2024 is known as the “first year of low-altitude economy”. Liangxi Science and Technology City, which has successfully introduced representative enterprises in the field of low-altitude economy such as EHang Intelligent, is exploring the rich application scenarios of low-altitude economy. At present, a number of key projects represented by Ehang Intelligent eVTOL Low-altitude Economy Industrial Base and Operation Headquarters have been negotiated and implemented, with more than 30 projects in hand, forming an ecological system of “drone manufacturing, drone sales, drone application and drone countermeasures”.

“Digital infrastructure is the foundation for aircraft to achieve efficient and safe flight. To this end, Liangxi Science and Technology City “links” the main city’s rich application scenarios on the one hand, and creates new advantages in digital infrastructure on the other hand. It takes advantage of airspace resources such as “full coverage of 5G signals below 300 meters” to innovatively build “new seven connections and one level” such as network access, computing power access, and data access, build Huawei’s computing power center, promote new information infrastructure focusing on 5G, 5G-A, computing power network, and smart middle platform, and build a new low-altitude intelligent network infrastructure of “connection + computing power + capability”, giving wings to the development of low-altitude economy.”

“It is worth mentioning that in the journey to seize the “blue ocean” of low-altitude economy, industrial funds with a total scale of nearly 10 billion yuan in Liangxi District and Liangxi Science and Technology City have accelerated their entry, giving full play to the guiding role of state-owned capital and the empowerment benefits of funds….The relevant person in charge of Liangxi Science and Technology City told reporters that the Science and Technology City Group is about to set up a low-altitude industrial platform, highlighting production and manufacturing and scene operations. In the near future, it plans to cooperate with Fengyi Technology to establish an operation center, open a regular low-altitude logistics flight route, and create a new growth pole for the low-altitude economy.”


(Image: The Liangxi Science and Technology City complex – source: www.wxrb.com)


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