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North Carolina aviation division issues RFI to zero emission aircraft manufacturers

The North Carolina Department of Transportation Division of Aviation has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for zero-emissions aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and vendors to participate in a programme aimed at understanding and exploring the advanced capabilities of electric Zero Emission Vertical or Short Takeoff and Landing (zeVSTOL) technologies.

“This RFI represents a preliminary step towards potential future collaborations and is an ideal opportunity for OEMs and vendors to influence and inform the direction of North Carolina’s aviation strategy,” said the RFI. “By engaging with NCDOT Aviation at this stage, your insights and innovative technologies will shape our understanding of zeVSTOL capabilities. Your detailed responses will be instrumental in highlighting the unique benefits, operational efficiencies, and potential cost-effectiveness of your zeVSTOL solutions, setting the stage for future partnerships and opportunities within the state’s evolving transportation landscape…. NCDOT Aviation is interested in learning about the capabilities of zero emission conventional takeoff and landing (zeCTOL), zero emission short takeoff and landing (zeSTOL), and zero emission vertical takeoff and landing (zeVTOL) designs.

NCDOT Aviation seeks to understand the costs, requirements, and capabilities these aircraft offer and how they could support our mission. NCDOT Aviation also seeks to understand and foster the economic and humanitarian benefits made possible by the unique aspects of these aircraft. Building on our success in the BEYOND Program, NCDOT Aviation intends to be an active and involved participant in pioneering the introduction of zero emission aircraft into our aviation system.”

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