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Honeywell-led consortium launches research into thermal management for hybrid/electric airliners

Honeywell’s international development center in Brno, Czech Republic, has launched with consortium partners an research programme into advanced thermal management components and architectures for next-generation narrow body and regional, hybrid-electric aircraft.

“Clean Aviation Project TheMa4HERA, which stands for Thermal Management for Hybrid Electric Regional Aircraft, encompasses 24 partners, including universities, research centers, equipment manufacturers and aircraft manufacturers, across 10 European countries and Honeywell will lead research out of its Brno facility” the company says.

According to a company press release “The hybrid aircraft of the future will operate much differently than the aviation sector has grown accustomed to during the jet age. Thermal management will become more complex when aircraft manufacturers introduce electric and hybrid-electric aircraft with heat-generating fuel cells, batteries and power electronics. These aircraft will require more efficient and lightweight thermal management systems that will help aircraft manufacturers deliver on sustainability commitments, meet government regulations and enable aircraft to fly farther on less fuel.

“Honeywell project partners, such as Collins Aerospace, will work across various workstreams, including research on thermal management architecture, air supply systems, air conditioning and system cooling, as well as testing and demonstration. Collins Aerospace subsidiary Nord Micro, based in Frankfurt, Germany, will work with Honeywell on cabin air distribution for the project.”

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(Image: Honeywell)

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