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Natilus orders reach USD6.8 billion with sale of 20 drone freighters Ameriflight

Natilus, a US corporation developing autonomous aircraft for freight transport, has announced that Ameriflight, a freight operations company, has become the first regional US carrier to sign an aircraft purchase agreement with the company. The company says the Ameriflight agreement for 20 Natilus Kona feeder aircraft is valued at USD134 million and brings total commitments to USD6.8 billion for the delivery of 460 plus aircraft.

A Natilus release reports that: “Ameriflight serves 200 destinations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America – with more than 1,500 weekly departures. As a critical part of the supply chain with UPS being its largest customer, Ameriflight’s primary business is moving high priority air freight to and from remote areas across the country for overnight express carriers.

“The Natilus fleet of carbon fibre, blended-wing-body designed cargo aircraft offer a 60% reduction to cost of operations and cuts carbon emissions by half – enabling the opening of new and emerging markets in remote areas.”

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(Image: Natilus)

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