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Reliable Robotics continues momentum towards certification of its autonomous flight system

Reliable Robotics, a company producing safety-enhancing aircraft automation systems, today announced further certification progress with FAA acceptance of requirements for Reliable’s advanced aircraft navigation and autopilot systems. The company says these systems provide continuous autopilot engagement throughout all phases of flight including automatic taxi, takeoff, and landing.

“Reliable Robotics and the FAA established agreement on the testing and analysis that will be performed to show that these highly automated systems satisfy FAA safety and performance requirements for operations throughout the conterminous United States and Alaska” according the press release.

“Accurate, high-integrity navigation and continuous autopilot engagement systems are key elements of Reliable’s roadmap to reduce or eliminate controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) and loss of control in flight (LOC-I), the two most common causes of fatal aviation accidents. The agreed-upon means of compliance were coordinated and accepted via the FAA’s issue paper process and provide clear requirements for approval as part of Reliable’s ongoing Supplemental Type Certificate project.

“Reliable’s certification plan was accepted by the FAA in June 2023, providing a roadmap for certification using existing FAA regulations and processes. This followed progress made the year prior, when the FAA agreed to the certification basis for continuous autopilot engagement through the G-1 issue paper process.”

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(Image: Reliable Robotics)

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