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Cape and Mexico police launch drone deployment programme

The Police Magazine reports that Cape, a cloud platform for drone telepresence and data management, and the Mexico City Police Department have announced the launch of a drone deployment programme.

“As part of the program, drones equipped with the Cape Aerial Telepresence platform will be integrated into daily operations to improve aerial intelligence, including supporting security efforts at large public events like rallies, stadium productions, concerts, and other special events. Additionally, drones equipped with Cape Aerial Telepresence will provide emergency response support for local SSP CDMX SWAT operations. The year-long program will focus on increasing operational efficiency and the safety of both SSP CDMX officers and the greater community.”

“With the launch of the partnership, three DJI Matrice 200 drones with three Z30 and one XT thermal camera—all equipped with the Cape Aerial Telepresence platform—will be integrated into SSP CDMX daily operations. The program offers a comprehensive drone solution, giving officers access to not only advanced equipment, but training, technical support, and ongoing maintenance to improve agency operations and safety…As part of the program, Cape and SSP CDMX have partnered with Grupo Leobe, a systems integrator and public safety solutions provider. Through the partnership, Grupo Leobe will provide access to extensive hardware and equipment to support the full integration of Cape-enabled drones and further maximize the impact of the SSP CDMX program.”

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