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AAME Dubai, IAM Madrid by Expodronica to set up AAM Dubai living lab

AAME Dubai and IAM Madrid by Expodronica have announced a strategic partnership aimed at advanced the new mobility ecosystem industry.

“This Alliance not only signifies a milestone in industry collaboration but also introduces a groundbreaking initiative; the establishment of a Living Lab in Dubai under the Expodronica umbrella located in Spain,” says an IAM Madrid press release. “The Living Lab provides participating companies with a distinctive platform to not only benefit as participants of the AAME Dubai and IAM Madrid Events like exhibitors and sponsor, but also to be part of a pioneering initiative dedicated to promote and test new civilian and defense technologies with significant business appeal.

“In response to the technology development, the creation of a pre-test ground becomes imperative. This living Lab will serve as an environment to demonstrate and validate the technical and economic viability of the proposed solutions. It will conduct cost-effective analyses and assess the environmental impact of the tested solutions. The testing environment will focus on three primary areas:

  • Construction: Addressing material logistics, workers mobility and construction sites security, the Living Lab will test various technological solutions to enhance efficiency and sustainability in material management and mobility on construction sites.
  • Manufacturing of new aircraft and related infrastructure: Innovative solutions such as eVTOL and its related infrastructure development, involving all relevant areas as energy, meteorological services, telecommunications…
  • Moreover, this initiative aims to drive the industry forward, serving as a benchmark for a new mobility ecosystem globally developed under the Expodronica umbrella.

“The Project identifies Dubai and Spain as key locations, positioning them as sandboxes for mobility and fostering civil/military collaboration and cross sector cooperation. This project presents a unique opportunity for future mobility to test and validate innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions, generate as well knowledge and technology applicable to other sectors.”

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(Image: Expodronica)

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