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Avolon links with Global Aviation and airport leaders to accelerate eVTOL operations in Brazil

A partnership of global leaders in aviation and airports announces its intention to explore the infrastructure requirements of bringing eVTOL passenger flight to Brazil within this decade.

The partnership is reported to include: Avolon, the aircraft leasing company; Corporación América Airports, the global private sector airport operator; GOL, a Brazilian airline; Grupo Comporte, a Brazilian transport operator; and Vertical Aerospace, the aerospace and technology company developing and manufacturing eVTOL aircraft.

The press release reports that “The partnership will explore and define vertiport design and locations, as well as further infrastructure requirements for eVTOL operations in Brazil. With its well-developed Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market based on helicopter services, advanced aviation ecosystem and unique demographics, Brazil is set to become one of the pioneering markets for eVTOL services, including for Vertical’s VX4.”

“Each partner brings sector-specific and complementary expertise to bring eVTOL operations into operation in Brazil this decade” says the press release and “in particular, the partnership will benefit from Corporación América Airports’ special team dedicated to the research and development of the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) segment and its two-decade long expertise in airports design, construction and operation, as well as passenger traffic management. Corporación América Airports has already developed its own conceptual vertiport design and progressed AAM traffic analysis across several countries.”

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(Image: Avalon)

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