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Dymond Group to invest in Urban-Air Port Ltd and order two UAP “AirOne” models

Dymond Group, the Canada-based aerospace, logistics, cybersecurity, and risk management services company, has announced it is committed to “a significant investment into Urban-Air Port (UAP), the UK-based infrastructure tech start-up, and will order two of U-AP’s “AirOne” vertiports for deployment in Canada”.

The company reports that Dymond’s founder and CEO Carl Dymond will join the UAP Board of Directors alongside UAP founder Ricky Sandhu, and Adam Slepian, Global Head of Partnerships at Supernal, the advanced air mobility division of the South Korean motor group Hyundai.

Dymond’s investment the company says will help accelerate the development of a global zero-emission-mobility ecosystem and that the funding builds upon a previous seed investment from Supernal (Hyundai Motor Group) to UAP in 2021.

In addition the company reports that it intends to expand the UAP footprint into North America by strategically placing UAP facilities in areas where urban growth and development are happening across Canada in the coming years to establish an eco-friendly transportation and logistics hub within North America.

Dymond says that initially it is looking to secure two UAP ‘AirOne’ models, with the first to be placed in Atlantic Canada and a second in Western Canada.

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(Image:  Dymond Group of Companies)

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