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Urban-Air Port announces investment from major European Urban Logistics Provider

Urban-Air Port, the UK-based developer of technology-driven ground infrastructure for passenger air taxis and autonomous delivery drones, today announced a major equity investment into the company via their Series A, from the founding directors of M7.

In a press release the company reports “This investment is a signal of how important UAP infrastructure will be to “meet the moment” as cities around the world tackle urban logistics growth without creating more strain on already stretched transport links whilst still having to meet their net zero carbon targets.

“Urban-Air Port is developing global networks of specialist ground, air and digital infrastructure to support Urban Logistics, worldwide. Urban logistics drones have the exciting possibility to help reduce logistics and delivery congestion on our roads in a sustainable, eco-friendly, zero emission way cutting emissions by up to 47% when compared to light commercial vehicles. Through the development of worldwide networks for logistics drone deliveries, Urban-Air Port will provide the vital infrastructure needed to progress the industry so that companies like M7 can implement this new technology across wider real-estate portfolios.”

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