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Electro.Aero launches aviation charging solution for airports, vertiports and OEMs.

Electro.Aero recently released its latest charger to meet the growing demand for aviation charging solutions.  According to the company many different types of electric aircraft are currently flying and undergoing certification and these aircraft need highly specialised charging infrastructure.

“Our charging solutions are designed and built for the demands of aviation” according to the company website. “Key points of difference include high voltage, consistent high power, and the ability to reach charging inlets anywhere on the aircraft. Our offering includes both hardware and software, incorporating edge-to-cloud integrations for both airside and landside.

“Airports and vertiports need standardised infrastructure that supports all charging standards. Our modular and scalable solutions are the answer.

“As the leading supplier of aviation charging technology globally, let us help you with full turnkey solutions whether big or small, fixed wing or eVTOL”.

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(Image: Electro Aero)

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