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eVertiSKY, Giancarlo Zema plan eVTOL vertistops along Italian motorways

eVertisky, in partnership with the Giancarlo Zema Design Group, is involved in the Green Island EV charging stations project for ANAS, part of Italy’s motorway network modernisation, including “Smart Roads” and “Green Islands” initiatives. Evertisky says its role focuses on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) consultancy to enhance emergency response capabilities introducing AAM ground space and airspace into the motorway network.

“The project, designed by Giancarlo Zema, incorporates vertistops at Green Island control centres for quick deployment of UAM first-responder aircraft for emergency response in support of traffic management” according to the press release.

“This initiative aligns with a broader strategy to weave UAM into Italy’s existing motorway fabric, with plans to upgrade 3000 kilometres by 2030. This effort aims to boost transportation safety and efficiency through state-of-the-art monitoring and information systems. Positioned every thirty kilometres, Green Islands will also provide photovoltaic (PV) charging for electric vehicles and solar-powered lighting, not only supports the project’s sustainability goals but also serves as strategic nodes for UAM deployment.

“In this interconnected framework, eVertiSKY’s consulting strategy, especially in the Green Island project, emphasises developing and optimising UAM routes. Their approach involves detailed analysis to identify efficient pathways for UAM aircraft, focusing on emergency response scenarios and traffic management solutions. This planning is crucial for reducing response times and enhancing UAM operations’ effectiveness during critical incidents.

“In this capacity, eVertiSKY facilitates the operationalisation of UAM by creating a framework where UAM strategies can be dynamically developed, tested, and refined. This includes simulating emergency scenarios in controlled environments to assess UAM strategies are aligned with operational needs and requirements”.

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