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Micaelis and Me Green unite to pave the way for sustainable Urban Air Mobility in Brazil

Micaelis, a Brazilian enterprise in the field of air mobility, and Me Green, a Spanish company specialising in renewable energy solutions, have joined forces in a partnership. The companies say they aim to “revolutionise” the air transportation landscape by driving cleaner flight operations and introducing a network of vertiports powered by solar panels, ushering in a new era of sustainable urban air mobility (UAM) solutions in Brazil and Latin America.

“Me Green is at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable clean energy solutions” according to the press release. “Its innovative offerings include intelligent energy storage capacity and digital services, all aimed at shaping a future with cleaner energy sources.

“Micaelis has established itself as a vertically integrated mobility company, promoting, selling, and supporting the world’s most advanced air mobility products and services. The company has garnered immense interest from Brazilian clients with non-binding letters of intent for 100 units, along with letters of intent from public and governmental organisations for demonstration and operation. Furthermore, Micaelis has embarked on a pilot UAM solution cooperation with the city of Rio de Janeiro. Through this partnership, Me Green and Micaelis are committed to building a network of vertiports powered by solar panels, fuelling cleaner flight operations and fostering sustainable air mobility solutions across Brazil and Latin America.

“As part of this collaboration, Me Green will embark on an immediate export campaign to Brazil, bolstered by the support of Micaelis, to introduce their innovative renewable energy solutions to the Brazilian market. Micaelis will play an active role in ensuring that all communications related to Brazilian activities align with their vision and mission before dissemination.”

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(Image: Micaelis)

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