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Munich Airport publishes white paper on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) at airports

Munich Airport has published a whitepaper entitled “Advanced Air Mobility at Airports” saying  “our experts took a closer look at the potential AAM use cases; vertiports as part of the AAM ecosystem; the benefits for airports; the general challenges of this new mode of transport; and the specific challenges for vertiport infrastructure providers at airports.”

The white papers reports “Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) has the potential to significantly disrupt today’s landscape of urban mobility with impacts similar to the introduction of the automobile over a century ago. In fact, since the introduction of the concept of so called eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles), often referred to as air taxis, more than 400 different eVTOL designs with 150 companies competing in the emerging AAM market, have received a total of USD 7.4 billion in funding.

“While eVTOL manufacturers can still claim to be driving forces in the market, receiving more than 85% of all AAM funding, further investments in other parts of the ecosystem, especially its landing infrastructure, are required.”

The white paper also says “the global AAM market that could account for 5-12% of world GDP will by 2040, have condensed to three major use cases: transporting passengers, transporting goods as well as military and state applications. For airport operators, the most relevant use case will be the passenger transportation, which is expected to generate 50% of AAM passenger revenues from airport shuttle services.

“To enable large-scale commercial AAM operations at airports, airport operators need to integrate eVTOLs into their complex airport ecosystem, confronting them with a variety of interdisciplinary challenges. This report identifies nine key challenges to be solved in order to allow for effective integration of AAM operations.”

Finally, the white paper provides a strategic framework to help airport operators take the necessary steps to establish an economically viable and operationally efficient vertiport at airports.

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(Image: Munich Airport)

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