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Overair, Hanwa announce order for 20 Butterfly eVTOLs and AAM infrastructure programmes

eVTOL manufacturer Overair today announced that the company and its strategic partner, Hanwha Systems, have signed a letter of intent(LOI) and two memoranda of understanding (MOU) with key Korean partners to accelerate AAM in the region.

These agreements were signed jointly during public ceremonies at this week’s Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (ADEX), attended by defence officials from more than 57 countries, according to a company press release.

“This news follows the company’s recently announced MOU between Overair, Jeju Island, and Hanwha to bring an AAM ecosystem to the South Korean region.

“Overair is committed to supporting South Korea’s strong AAM ambitions through partnerships like these that ensure all facets of the ecosystem are considered. Local governments, operators, and infrastructure providers alike will play an integral role as we enter this new era  of transportation,” said Overair CEO Ben Tigner.

An LOI for the purchase of 20 Butterfly aircraft was signed with HeliKorea. The aircraft will be used for medical, executive, and cargo transport, as well as firefighting, high-voltage power line inspection, and other applications. Overair will also provide pilot and maintenance training.

“Overair’s MOU with South Korean construction convergence innovator Daewoo E&C establishes a plan to jointly develop a series of AAM networks across East South Asian markets,” said the press release. “The companies will develop and implement a concept of operations(CONOPS), select local operators and vertiport sites, establish urban air traffic management (UATM) systems, and engage with local aviation and government authorities to create a viable regulatory framework for AAM operations. Daewoo E&C will focus on vertiport establishment while Overair will provide operational guidance and aircraft integration expertise.

“Finally, an MOU with the Korean Police aims to integrate AAM within the agency. The Police Department’s Human Resources Development Institute will focus on developing comprehensive training programs to support vertiport development and AAM deployment. Both Overair and the Police Human Resources Development Institute will collaborate on AAM operational training within the organization, which includes vertiport integration, pilot training, maintenance, community education, and more.”

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