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Target Arm unveils Talon v2.5 – a mobile drone launch and recovery system

Target Arm has launched the v2.5 version of its Talon Universal Launch and Recovery (ULaR) platform at the AUVSI Xponential Show in Chicago. According to Unmanned Systems Technology: “The Talon system enables drone package delivery to and from trucks, or any moving platform, while moving, at speeds over 65 mph. Talon v2.5 encompasses all past capabilities and already incorporates many new innovations, to include computer controls and programmability, full pop-up technology, minimized airflow disturbances with a wide-open breech and a pre-production aircraft-grade aluminium infrastructure. These technologies allow Talon to launch and recovery virtually any rotary wing or fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)/drone from another moving platform. While Talon is initially designed for UAVs and airborne drones, the very same technology is applicable to maritime and space operations.”

“Talon v2.5, as the pre-production testbed, will integrate autonomous navigation systems next, allowing autonomous UAV/drone launches and recoveries for a wide range of Use Cases, including, but not limited to, package delivery and military combat operations.”

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