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UAM booking company Helipass and French airport operator EDEIS to partner on AAM

Helipass and EDEIS have agreed to collaborate in anticipation of the arrival of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

“Helipass has already entered into an agreement with Embraer for 50,000 annual flight hours using the eVTOL Eve, which the Brazilian manufacturer plans to introduce from 2026,” according to a press release. “This 100% electric aircraft enables point-to-point urban transport with zero carbon emissions and an extremely low noise footprint. EDEIS and Helipass will actively study the requirements of future aircraft and the necessary adaptation of airport infrastructure. Furthermore, Helipass, as a winner of the “Choose Paris Region” call for projects, will be involved in the real-world experimentation of electric flying taxi services during the Paris 2024 Olympics.”

EDEIS is an infrastructure engineering and management company (16 airports, three ports, two tourist trains, five historical monuments). HELIPASS is a digital platform for air mobility offering helicopter services worldwide for leisure and business travel, as well as airport-to-city transfers

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