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Volatus Infrastructure to add Valqari Drone Delivery Stations

Valqari, a US company based in Chicago producing Drone Delivery Stations has announced a partnership with Volatus Infrastructure, to provide Drone Delivery Stations at every Volatus electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) infrastructure location.

Valqari says both companies are also co-creating a cargo hub using Volatus’ modular design and eVTOL technology, and Valqari’s patented package sorting system.

The Drone Delivery Station is one of the growing list of amenities Volatus is including in its infrastructure packages. “Valqari’s technology and ours flow seamlessly together making this partnership an easy decision,” said Volatus Co-Founder, Grant Fisk. “Using Valqari’s autonomous package sorting system in our cargo hub allows both companies to achieve vital growth and shape the future of the supply chain market.”

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(Image: Valqari)



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