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ANRA Technologies and NAVOS Air sign agreement to develop vertiports for Urban Air Mobility

ANRA Technologies, a company producing uncrewed vehicle mission management and operations solutions, and NAVOS Air, an Instrument Flight Procedure Products and Services company, have announced a collaboration to incorporate flightpath procedures into ANRA’s Vertiport Management Service for Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft operations for Urban Air Mobility. The companies say this joint undertaking combines first-of-its-kind services and technologies to accelerate safe and compliant vertiport implementation in the United States.

NAVOS Air reports it is authorised by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop and maintain non-Part 97 (special) satellite-based performance-based navigation (PBN) instrument flight procedures (IFPs) and to conduct Heliport evaluation and designation.

“As an extension of our Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) instrument procedure integration work, we were able to leverage our helicopter, low-level flight and regulatory experience to obtain the first FAA conditional approval for a vertiport,” stated Ty Le Roy, Chief Designer at NAVOS Air. “Building upon this experience in our new partnership with ANRA, we will design FAA-compliant flight path infrastructure that will be incorporated into ANRA’s software for supporting VTOL aircraft arrivals and departures from vertiports.”

“ANRA recently launched its Vertiport Management System (VMS), a versatile, web-based software platform designed to adapt to various aircraft, vertiports, and locations by intelligently exchanging real-time data with all the necessary services to facilitate vertiport operations” according to the press release.

“The ANRA-NAVOS partnership will also benefit from ANRA’s years of experience developing its UAM traffic management capability with the FAA, NASA, and internationally. It will allow UAM operators to plan and execute their flight operations from pad to pad efficiently, supported by a comprehensive suite of services.”

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(Image: ANRA Technologies)

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