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DroneUp partners with Utah Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics for Air Mobility and Urban Planning

DroneUp, an autonomous drone delivery platform and drone services provider, has announced it joined the Utah Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics Utah Advanced Air Mobility Working Group. The objectives of this group are to study and strategise on policies around Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

“AAM has the potential to unlock the key benefits for Utah, including economic growth; connecting underserved communities; providing safe, quiet, affordable transportation of goods; offering life-saving technology; and reducing carbon emissions” the company says in a press release and adds “Members of the AAM include the Utah legislature; the Utah business community; local city planners and sub-groups, MPOs (metropolitan planning organizations), Utah economic development organizations, academia, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers); and service providers.

“As drone flight volume increases, safely managing flights is beyond human scale and requires an automated system to plan, request clearance, and factor in potential hazards and airspace restrictions. DroneUp’s Airspace Solutions advance safety for operations while also providing advantages for other drone operators to publish their flight plans, promoting uniform safety.”

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(Image:  DroneUp)

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