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eVertiSKY to develop NASA-backed standards for urban air mobility UTM platforms

eVertiSKY, a single-source provider of UAM ground space and airspace technology, is establishing a standard to capture and publish UAM traffic data via software defined airspace structures in a commercial relationship with NASA’s Unmanned Traffic Management System, says the company in a press release.

As part of the royalty-sharing agreement, the collaboration will leverage the NASA UAS Traffic Management (UTM) project to deploy the eVertiSKY Software Defined Airspace Platform comprised of:

  • 4D Trajectory-Based Reference Blocks (4DTRB)provide waypoints and flight lanes carefully designed to align with existing civil airspace
  • Digital Flight Rules (DFRs)enable real-time publishing, coordination, situational awareness, and operational compliance monitoring
  • Ground-Based Public Sensing Nodes (GBPSNs)collect information about UAM vehicles’ position, speed, and planned/current trajectories

eVertiSKY will deliver the platform over three core phases:

  • Phase 1: SDA framework and data structure for demo functionality relative to general industry stakeholders.
  • Phase 2: city-specific simulation of SDA/UTM hybrid platforms with robust demo features specific to city/regional stakeholders.
  • Phase 3: near-real-time airspace awareness and deconfliction data between SDA customers and NAS stakeholders, operators, and consumers.

“The next generation of urban air mobility requires ground and air infrastructure. Our proximity to the NASA UTM supports our ability to deliver both assets at the levels of operational and innovative excellence required to catalyze safety, operations, and service standards for the emerging Advanced Air Mobility industry.” – Sandra Formenton, CEO eVertiSKY Corp.

“The UAM Software Defined Airspace platform will afford cities and large-land owners, and metroplex managers the ability to re-imagine, simulate, and ultimately activate their visions of UAM-enabled ecosystems in a scalable and intuitive manner. Under terms of the agreement, the eVertiSKY SDA will be available to a limited beta group in 2026 with general market viability in 2027,” said the press release.

“The company intends to begin testing corridor simulations of a limited number of U.S. city locations in 2024 in collaborates with various stakeholders, including government agencies, industry partners, and academia, to accelerate the safe and efficient adoption of UAS technology for commercial and public use.”

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