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Falck to buy Jump Aero JA1 Pulse first responder single-seat eVTOL

Falck, a global healthcare and emergency services company, has purchased an option for the first commercial delivery of Jump Aero’s eVTOL JA1 Pulse aircraft – designed to help pilot-paramedics to a heart attack or stroke victim within the few crucial minutes, according to a press release.

The new eVTOL design, JA1 Pulse, is designed to help medical professionals arrive at the scene of a rural emergency as fast as possible with critical life-saving equipment. It will be flown by a single pilot/first responder and be capable of dash speeds of 250 knots “making it the fastest form of sustainable personal transportation with the goal of providing the largest coverage radius within the critical 8-minute emergency response window.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Jump Aero in pioneering the use of advanced aircraft tech-nology in critical emergency situations,” said Jakob Riis, CEO and president of Falck. “For years, we have actively been exploring the potential and integration of sustainable health drones, and now, with the introduction of transporting health professionals via aircraft, we will be taking another step. This partnership focuses on our ability to provide life-saving interventions, but it also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint in our operations.”

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