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UAE’s Monarch links with EHang “to build eVTOLs, vertiports and command-and-control networks”

The UAE’s The National News reports that the United Arab Emirates (UAE’s) based Monarch Airplane Manufacturing has signed an agreement with EHang Holdings to set up an aircraft manufacturing plant in Abu Dhabi.

“It would be the first facility in the Middle East and Africa to manufacture and operate sustainable electric-powered aircraft and drones for passengers and cargo transport, the companies said in a statement on Friday,” said the report. “Under the agreement, the companies will also set up a command-and-control centre to manage the urban air mobility autonomously and build the infrastructure to operate electric aircraft and drones.

“The project will also help in building infrastructure for vertiports and autonomous flight management systems that use artificial intelligence, the companies said. Last month, the UAE issued a licence for electric cargo aircraft amid efforts to accelerate the shift towards eco-friendly transport and enhance the sustainability of the air cargo industry.”

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(Image: EHang)

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