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Air Chateau receives vertiport/heliport design and execution approval from DCAA

Dr Samir Mohamed Yusuf, founder, chairman and CEO of Air Chateau has announced in a Linkedin post that the company has received approval from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority for heliport and vertiport design and execution. “This milestone represents a major leap in our dedication to advancing the vertical aviation industry,” said Dr Yusuf.

In May 2024 the company announced it was planning to build six heliports/vertiports throughout the United Arab Emirates.

The company has shortlisted 20 locations – of which six to eight will be finalised with work beginning on them before the end of the year, with some of them being existing facilities which will need to be upgraded while others will built from new. The company is looking to develop these in densely populated areas.

In 2023 Air Chateau  announced it would buy up to 100 Archer Midnight eVTOLs in a deal worth nearly USD 500 million, as part of a plan to launch electric air taxi services in the UAE.

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