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DM-AirTech leads project to research wind dynamics around vertiports

DM-AirTech has announced an 18 month project researching winds on vertiports in collaboration with the wind engineering group of University of Genoa with funding from ERIES: Engineering Research Infrastructures for European Synergies.

The company says the project will:

  • “Collect “ad hoc” wind tunnel measurements of wind and turbulence in complex environments (e.g. Los Angeles downtown). These will directly flow into the calibration of some of DM-AirTech’s models related to site selection and service availability analysis.
  • “Execute wind and turbulence characterisation of two main types of vertiports i.e. the surface type and the urban type. We will “play” with vertiports’ design and configuration to observe, analyse and quantify options of mitigating local effects e.g. building’s wake, canyoning effect, vertical turbulence on the FATO in order to come up with practical guidelines which are specific to the eVTOL industry stakeholders.”

“Understanding and being able to effectively model winds and turbulence in the urban environment is central to a successful deployment of drones and evtols. Even regional applications having flight levels above the ABL will spend an important portion of their flight (considering take-off/landing, transition to horizontal flight and climb) dealing with low altitude wind and turbulence” the company said in a post.

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(Image: DM-AirTech)

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