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Kookiejar to integrate Airqual incident management system into its vertiports

Kookiejar of Sweden and Airqual Technologies have signed an agreement to develop an emergency and dispatching system for the Kookiejar Vertiport Operations Management Centre.

Autonomous operations can only be achieved with a state-of-the-art system to manage events and dispatch resources, says Kookiejar founder Kim Silander. Airqual has developed a platform, AWARENET, that can manage first responders, technical resources and other stakeholders during incidents or other events. When an event occurs, the system enables resources to receive/send time critical information, shorten response times and managing the event in a quicker more efficient way. It also reduces the airtime for voice communication.

Airqual and Kookiejar will develop the system for the Kookiejar Vertiport Operations Centre. A first demonstrator is planned to be presented during the Airshow in Dubai in November 2023 at the Vertiport site in Dubai Al Makthoum Airport.

“We plan to establish a number of Vertiport Operations Centres as we grow and we are currently assessing different locations. We hope that by early 2024 be able to announce where our first centre will be built,” says Kim Silander

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