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Skyports Infrastructure and GCAA partner to enable eVTOL, helicopter joint operations

According to the company the collaboration will prioritise two objectives: the development of a Concept of Operations for hybrid operations to assist the GCAA with the definition of infrastructure and operational requirements and the exploration of the viability of using existing heliport infrastructure for eVTOL operations.

“Leveraging existing heliports and helipads across the UAE to support the region’s rapidly emerging AAM sector will facilitate the expansion of vertiport networks, optimise readily available infrastructure, and give more people in the region access to air taxi services,” said the company in a Linkedin post.

Duncan Walker, CEO & founder of Skyports, said “This collaboration is a key milestone on our journey towards integrating eVTOL operations into the existing aviation landscape. With this partnership, we are able to determine which of the existing heliports in the UAE could be used to supplement our vertiport network. In such instances, we’re focused on implementing hybrid operations that allow us to efficiently scale our network and better serve our future customers with strategically located infrastructure.”

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