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Skyportz release new vertiport design.

Skyportz has announced that it will release today “the design for the first vertiport in Australia to service the emerging electric air taxi industry at the AAUS annual Advanced Air Mobility summit in Melbourne.”

The company says the vertiport will be located at Caribbean Park in Melbourne’s east – “the fastest growing business precinct outside of the Melbourne CBD.”

Caribbean Park and Skyportz have worked with Contreras Earl Architects, to70 aviation, ARUP and Microflite to come up with a practical, modular design to satisfy operational requirements to operate as a vertiport for Advanced Air Mobility.

“With the development of a vertiport in a business park we are breaking the nexus between aviation and airports. For this industry to succeed it needs to have policy makers pushing the envelope to support new “mini airports” in locations people want to go”, said Clem Newton-Brown, CEO of Skyportz.

In a press release issued today Skyports reports “The Federal regulator, CASA recently released a roadmap for the introduction of Advanced Air Mobility to Australia and various States are also trying to attract the investment which will flow from being a frontrunner in this new aviation industry.”

Skyportz says it will be seeking investment partners to fund the construction of the vertiport at Caribbean Park which will be the first in a stable of vertiports strategically located around Australia.

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(Image: Contreras Earl Architects)

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