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eVertisky announces new partnership to develop architecturally pioneering vertiports”

eVertiSKY corporation, based in Chicago, has announced a new partnership to develop innovated urban air mobility design concepts worldwide.

According to a company press release:

“The eVertiSKY partnership is defining UAM ecosystem standards, with innovative Aerodrome infrastructure design by Giancarlo Zema Design Group, and Integration standardization by MySkaut. eVertiSKY will deploy its design and infrastructure framework in an upcoming Abu Dhabi Vertiport project.

“The eVertiSKY eco-sustainable infrastructure transforms the way people move, live, and thrive within the Smart City urban environment. eVertiSKY is unifying expertise, talent, and know-how providing solutions for UAM stakeholders worldwide.

“eVertiSKY Center of Excellence includes: Drone assisted services (security, agriculture, inspection & delivery); Vertiport design; Hybrid UTM traffic management platform.”

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(Image: eVertiSKY)

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