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“Work starts on vertiport construction in China to support first EHang eVTOL services”

“The Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Entry-Exit Building A2 Class Heliport and Flight Take-off and Landing Point have (sic) been built in the district five and the next step will continue to plan four large take-off and landing hubs, nine medium-sized take-off and landing stations and small take-off and landing points to provide guarantee for low-altitude flight to be ‘affordable, visible and manageable’,” according to the news source.

“The wingspan of our current aircraft can be less than 6 meters, and the requirements for take-off and landing points will become lower and lower,” Wang Zhao, co-chief operating officer of EHang, was quoted as saying. “Suitable locations can be found on commercial land, factory land, school playgrounds, and even some rooftops at the entrance of the community.”

One of EHang’s main tasks this year is to cooperate with the government to promote the construction of air-ground connection infrastructure, said Wang Zhao.

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(EH216-S vehicles have successfully completed debut commercial flight demonstrations in Guangzhou and Hefei respectively – image: EHang)

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