Air taxis and personal transports

XPENG AEROHT, Guangzhou Development Zone partner to build eVTOL factory

XPENG AEROHT and Guangzhou Development Zone sign an investment cooperation agreement to build the world’s first large-scale flying car factory with modern assembly lines. have signed an investment cooperation agreement to build the world’s […]

Air taxis and personal transports

Stellantis invests a further USD55 million in Archer following transition flight test

Stellantis NV and Archer Aviation Inc today announced Archer has received an additional USD55 million investment from Stellantis under the companies’ strategic funding agreement following the achievement of its transition flight test milestone last month. […]

Fixed wing low/zero emissions

American Airlines to buy 100 ZeroAvia hydrogen/electric engines and increase investment in ZeroAvia

American Airlines today announced that it has entered into a conditional purchase agreement with ZeroAvia for 100 hydrogen-electric engines intended to power regional jet aircraft with zero inflight emissions save for water vapor. American has […]

Air taxis and personal transports

Pegasus flying cars arrive in the USA: soon available to helicopter pilots on the road and in the air

Pegasus Aerospace Corporation, an advanced air mobility company with roots in Australia, has now started operations in the United States. Las Vegas-based Pegasus Aerospace Corporation has started to market the Pegasus E-Class “Air Ferrari”. “This […]