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Flying racer car manufacturer Airspeeder partners with Intel

Airspeeder has announced a new collaboration with Intel that brings the global tech giant’s computing technologies to flying car racing the company reports.

“As the Airspeeder Series’ Official Intelligence Partner, Intel Core processor and Intel Xeon Scalable processors will help shape the sport to maximise its appeal to racers and fans alike” according to the press release.

“The new strategic sponsorship deal was revealed in a joint presentation at the Motorsport Show in Adelaide on March 25th, where Adelaide-based Alauda Aeronautics unveiled its new Mk4 Airspeeder – the first-ever piloted craft to take part in the Airspeeder race series.”

“Intels pervasive connectivity perfectly matches our vision of an always-connected, vertical-enabled future. Through the actionable insights provided by AI, we can achieve next-level eVTOL performance and control, which we see as the key to unlocking the future of private air mobility.” – Matt Pearson, CEO, Alauda Aeronautics & Airspeeder

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(Image: Airspeeder)

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