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Archer forms Government Services Advisory Board

Archer Aviation has announced the formation of a Government Services Advisory Board to support Archer’s planned expansion of its existing relationship with the U.S. Department of Defense (“DoD”). Over the last few years, Archer has completed several projects with the DoD and has several still underway.

“This advisory board will further build on Archer’s expertise and perspective of government programs and procurement strategies to allow Archer to more fully engage with U.S. government and public safety agencies to explore additional opportunities to commercialize eVTOL aircraft,” said the company. “In addition, the board members will assist and facilitate Archer’s direct engagement with appropriate government agencies and officials to advance both consideration and implementation of eVTOL aircraft technologies.”

The initial appointees to the board are six highly decorated and distinguished military leaders: Retired three-star General David A. Krumm, Retired three-star Vice Admiral Ron Boxall, Retired two-star General Clayton M. Hutmacher, Retired two-star General Bill Gayler, Retired General Steve Townsend, Retired Chief Warrant Officer four Michael J. Durant. Archer’s Head of Government Relations, Dr. Michael Romanowski, a former 14-year veteran at the Federal Aviation Administration with over 20 years of executive leadership-experience in aerospace who joined Archer last August, will serve as chairperson of the board.

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